Shilajit Powder is pure, natural shilajit that has undergone freeze-drying, a refinement technique that preserves most of the molecular properties of shilajit and makes it into a powder. The well-concentrated powder extract is perfect for those who prefer using it for dissolving in water, tea, or smoothies, or for topical use in ointments or for beauty purposes


Our powder extract of shilajit is made from grade A fresh Himalayan shilajit. It is 100% naturally harvested, pure and contains no flow agents, excipients or any additional ingredients. Taking shilajit powder actually improves the way your body digests and uses the food you consume as its elements enhance your food’s bioavailability! Shilajit also contains organic nutrients that are vital for body functions. Some of them cannot be made by the body and must come from food.

Our fine Shilajit powder made with freeze-drying vacuum technology. Using expensive cold processing for Shilajit let us produce an extremely potent powder that requires just 100mg per serving (compared to 300mg-500mg for conventionally made powders). It comes in a glass container together with stainless steel measuring spoon and instructions.

Shilajit is a superfood, packed with nutrients and organic compounds that support metabolic processes and immunity, including over 80 trace minerals and many other organic compounds. Fulvic acid in shilajit enhances the body’s absorption and usage of nutrients, further improving the body’s nutritional status, metabolism and immune function. Powerful enzymes and antioxidants produced within the body are the keys to its optimal function, and shilajit provides minerals and nutrients that support cleansing and enhance the production of these vital components.

Food today is grown in nutrient-depleted soil due to overproduction and poor farming practices. Therefore, the food we eat today has less natural minerals and nutrients than it was even 50 years ago. In addition, our food is washed very well, leaving no traces of the humic substances, beneficial bacteria and nutrients that our food used to provide. Shilajit is the most natural dietary supplement you can find, and the fulvic acid it provides further enhances mineral and nutrient absorption from shilajit as well as from your diet. Consuming shilajit greatly enhances your nutrition providing beneficial humic acids, fulvic acids, trace minerals, amino acids and other organic compounds that might not otherwise be sufficiently available due to modern farming and production techniques.

Natural Energy and Endurance Booster

Because shilajit enhances nutrient absorption, the energy manufacturing centers of our cells called mitochondria receive an abundant supply to work with. This means they can make more energy more easily. Shilajit also provides the building blocks for the body’s most powerful antioxidants, protecting us during the energy-burning process, as well as essential nutrients for muscle function, cleansing and oxygenation, making it great energy and endurance booster. People often report feeling a surge in youthfulness and vitality when they begin taking shilajit because it is such a rich source of nutrition.