If you are craving for a natural supplement that contains truly wellbeing promoting ingredients, Himalayan shilajit is a rare and perfect addition to your lifestyle. It has never been more important that we start replacing modern day processed products with natural ones because of the lack of nutrients in today’s soil and tempered foods. We place our trust in Shilajit for restoration because mother nature has crafted this beautiful creation full of essential minerals, benefiting human wellness since ancient times.


Liquid Himalayan Shilajit is the purest form of shilajit that we have. It preserves the most properties of the raw shilajit with the highest absorption rate among all other shilajit types. Pure Liquid Shilajit Extract resembles a darker, shinier version of tincture with the consistency of a semi-thick fluid. However, it is not oily and is not oil or alcohol Along with this, the liquid extract is full of essential nutrients that are crucial for a balanced diet. Liquid Shilajit is easy to store, use, and can be taken directly or added to your favorite drinks – hot or cold!

Pure Liquid Shilajit Drops 50mL

Himalayan Mountains
Liquid Shilajit has the highest purity compared to thicker versions. It is packed right after the extraction and preserves the most molecular properties of the original raw Shilajit. Sun-Dried Shilajit is limited in quantities as we can’t produce large amounts due to the delicate processing. Sun-Dried Liquid harvested in Gilgit Baltistan (Pakistan) and Regular Liquid comes from the Himachal Pradesh (India) area of the Himalayas. Both products have the highest rate of bioavailability possible for Shilajit and come in a glass container with a dropper and instructions.