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We offer the herbal products which is certified and tested after undergoing several quality tests as per different quality check standard.

We will strive to have almost all ranges of herbal and ayurvedic products  to serve our customers the products of choice for their daily needs.

The product of our daily use impacts on our physical and mental health. So, we recommend to use healthy and organic herbal products in your daily life to make  everything heart-friendly. 🙂

Our Exclusive Products

Classical Ayurvedic Oils
Moringa Products
Raw Herbs

Nepali Herbs and Spices

Herbs for Hair Care

Herbs for Skin Care

We provides all Ayurvedic and Herbal Products which undergoes different quality check standards to ensure the best quality product to be delivered by us.

* Offer limited in our stocks

We provide fresh and organically grown and naturally processed herbal and Ayurvedic items that are healthy, nutritious and beneficial to use. Once you place order we will inform you if the items are available with us and we will provide delivery soon after you place an order with us .