10 Healthy Herbal Teas

by in Health Tips, Organic Foods October 11, 2022

Herbal teas are not true teas at all. True teas, including green tea, black tea and oolong tea, are brewed from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant.

On the other hand, herbal teas are made from dried fruits, flowers, spices or herbs.This means herbal teas can come in a wide range of tastes and flavors and make a tempting alternative to sugary beverages or water.In addition to being delicious, some herbal teas have health-promoting properties. In fact, herbal teas have been used as natural remedies for a variety of ailments for hundreds of years.

Here is a list of 10 healthy herbal teas.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is most commonly known for its calming effects and is frequently used as a sleep aid. Chamomile may not just be useful as a sleep aid. It is also believed to have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and liver-protecting effects.

Chamomile is well known for its calming properties, and It may also help relieve premenstrual symptoms and high blood lipid,blood sugar and insulin levels.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is one of the most commonly used herbal teas in the world.
While it’s most popularly used to support digestive tract health, it also has antioxidant, anticancer, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Most of these effects have not been studied in humans, so it’s not possible to know if they might lead to health benefits. However, several studies have confirmed peppermint’s beneficial effects on the digestive tract.It is shown that preparations of peppermint oil, which often included other herbs as well, can help relieve indigestion, nausea and stomach pain.Evidence also shows that peppermint oil is effective at relaxing spasms in the intestines, esophagus and colon.It is found that peppermint oil is effective at relieving symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

Tea is traditionally used to relieve discomfort of the digestive tract. It is found that peppermint oil can help relieve nausea, cramping, spasms and stomach pain.

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is a spicy and flavorful drink that packs a punch of healthy, disease-fighting antioxidants.It also helps fight inflammation and stimulates the immune system, but it’s most well known for being an effective remedy for nausea. 

It find that ginger is effective at relieving nausea, especially in early pregnancy, although it may also relieve nausea caused by cancer treatments and motion sick.Evidence also suggests that ginger may help prevent stomach ulcers and relieve indigestion or constipation.Ginger may also help relieve dysmenorrhea, mensurations pain.

Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea is made from the colorful flowers of the hibiscus plant. It has a pink-red color and refreshing, tart flavor. It can be enjoyed hot or iced.

In addition to its bold color and unique flavor, hibiscus tea offers healthful properties.
For example, hibiscus tea has antiviral properties, and test-tube studies have shown its extract to be highly effective against strains of the bird flu. Hibiscus tea may help lower high blood pressure and fight oxidative stress. However, it shouldn’t be taken with a certain diuretic medication or at the same time as aspirin.

Echinacea Tea

Echinacea tea is an extremely popular remedy that’s said to prevent and shorten the common cold.

Evidence has shown that echinacea may help boost the immune system, which could help the body fight off viruses or infections. This warm herbal drink may help soothe your sore throat or clear up your stuffy nose if you do feel a cold coming on. Echinacea tea is commonly used to prevent or shorten the duration of the common cold.

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos is an herbal tea that comes from South Africa. It is made from the leaves of the rooibos or red bush plant.

Moreover, preliminary evidence shows that rooibos tea may help prevent heart diseases. Rooibos tea inhibited an enzyme that causes blood vessels to constrict, similarly to how a common blood pressure medication does. Also, it is found that drinking six cups of rooibos tea daily for six weeks lowered blood levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol and fat, while increasing “good” HDL cholesterol.Rooibos tea may help improve bone health and reduce heart disease risk.

 Sage Tea

Sage tea is well known for its medicinal properties, and its health benefits, especially for brain health.Moreover, sage appears to provide cognitive benefits for healthy adults as well.Sage tea appears to be a healthy choice, offering benefits for cognitive health and potentially heart and colon health.

Lemon Balm Tea

Lemon balm tea has a light, lemony flavor and seems to have health-promoting properties.

Lemon balm tea may offer a number of potential health benefits and would make a good addition to any herbal tea collection. It have found that lemon balm tea may improve antioxidant levels, heart and skin health and even aid in relieving anxiety.

Rose Hip Tea

Rose hip tea is made from the fruit of the rose plant. It is high in vitamin C and beneficial plant compounds. These plant compounds, in addition to certain fats found in rose hips, result in anti-inflammatory properties.

Rose hips may also be beneficial for weight management, it is found that taking rose hip extract resulted in decreased BMI and belly fat.
Rose hip’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects may also help fight skin isfound that taking rose hip powder for eight weeks reduced the depth of wrinkles around the eyes and improved moisture and skin elasticity of the face.

Passionflower Tea

The leaves, stems and flowers of the passionflower plant are used to make passionflower tea.Passionflower tea is traditionally used to relieve anxiety and improve sleep, and studies have begun to support these uses.It is found that drinking passionflower tea for one week significantly improved sleep quality scores.

It also  found that passionflower helped relieve the mental symptoms of opioid withdrawal, such as anxiety, irritability and agitation, when taken in addition to clonidine, the medication usually used for opioid detoxification treatment.

Passionflower tea seems to be a good choice when it comes to relieving anxiety and promoting calmness. Also  found that passionflower tea may help improve sleep and reduce anxiety.

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