Essential Oil – in Nepal 

Palmarosa Oil

MRP: Rs. 9,500 per kg

Also known to many as ginger grass oil, Paramosa oil is considered an epitome of traditional treatment for cough, bronchitis,…Read More

Lemongrass Oil

NRs. 6,000 per kg

Lemongrass oil is a soothing oil used for massage. The basic components used to manufacture the oil are Geranial, Neral,…Read More

Timur Oil

NRs. 16,000 per kg

The crop berries are collected from hilly region of Nepal and then dried, and oil is produced by steam distillation…Read More

Eucalyptus Oil

NRs. 3,170 per kg

Eucalyptus Oil is extracted from the leaves of eucalyptus trees which are well known for their medicinal properties. The leaves…Read More

Mentha Oil

NRs.4,000 per kg

The Mentha Arvensis Oil is extracted from the wild Mentha leaves and exudes a fresh peppermint aroma. The leaves of…Read More

Tejpat Oil

NRs. 14,000 per kg

Tejpat Oil is a unique blend of herbs found in mid hill forests of Nepal.  Its process include drying of…Read More

Chamomile Oil

NRs. 60,000 per kg

Chamomile Essential Oil is produced by the wilting of the ancient medicinal herb Chamomile through steam distillation. Its chemical constituents…Read More

Citronella Oil

NRs. 5,000 per kg

Made from the wilting of Citronella, this essential oil is produced by steam distillation. It constituents of chemicals like Geraniol,…Read More

French Basil Oil

NRs. 10,500 per kg

Our French basil oil emits a special fresh –floral aroma. The oil is used ease joint pains, skin irritation, muscle…Read More

Jatamansi Oil


Jatamansi oil is obtained by steam distillation of dried rhizomes of nardostachys Grandiflora D.C. It is commonly called Jatamansi In…